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Secure Your Golden Years with the Retiree Fund Account

Retirement is not just an ending but a new beginning. After years of dedication, it’s time to reap the rewards and enjoy your well-earned rest. Our Retiree fund Account helps you do just that, providing secure access to your pension funds while ensuring a stable income stream throughout your retirement years.

Dynamics of Retiree Fund Account

The Retiree Fund Account also known as Fund IV is a safe and secure way to access your pension benefits after retirement. It offers a programmed withdrawal plan, allowing you to receive regular, predictable income throughout your retirement. Think of it as your pension ATM, providing you with the financial freedom you deserve. The PRA 2014 specifies age 50 as the contributors’ minimum retirement age. Retirees’ options for accessing withdrawal benefits are Programmed withdrawal and Annuity plans. Programmed withdrawal packages are offered by Pension Fund Administrators while Annuity plans are provided by Insurance Companies duly licensed by the National Insurance Commision (NAICOM) and approved by the National Pension Commission. 

Features Of Programmed Withdrawal

A periodic (monthly or quarterly) pension payment to a retiree.

Dynamics of Benefit processing:

How much is withdrawn at the point of Exit largely depends:

Role of Prospective Retirees

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