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Worried about what your future holds? With our Micro Pensions plan, you can manage your retirement confidently, no matter your profession.

What is Micro Pensions?

Micro Pensions is a flexible, affordable savings plan designed specifically for self-employed individuals and those in the informal sector. Think traders, artisans, freelancers, and even students with side hustles! Start building your retirement fund with daily, weekly, or monthly contributions in Naira, as little as you can afford.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone under 18 with a legitimate income qualifies! This includes:

Other Eligibility Categories

The Contributions are made in Nigerian currency (Naira) and could be made daily, weekly or monthly. Every contribution shall be split into two comprising 40% for contingent withdrawal and 60% for retirement benefits.

How to remit your Micro Pension Payment with CrusaderSterling Pensions

Zenith Bank Branch Payment
CrusaderSterling Pensions Limited Micro Pension payment can be made at any Zenith Bank Branch in Nigeria into below account: (ZPC/CPL MICRO PENSION COLLECTION A/C). 

Apart from the bank, payment can also be made through the below platforms into the CPL Micro Pension Account, Click on any of the payment options below to view the steps.

How to remit your Micro Pension Payment with CrusaderSterling Pensions
Payment With SystemSpecs
Payment With PENPAY
Payment With CyberPay (*55701#)
Payment With CyberPay Web
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