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List Of Unpaid Approval

Below is a list of schedule of long outstanding benefit unpaid approval. We are unable to make payment because the next of kins are unreachable. Name PIN Date Listed ADAMU JIBRIN PEN********1111 October 12, 2023 OKORO AJAH PEN********6314 October 12, 2023 SULE KASCO PEN********7816 October 12, 2023 BASHIRU SALIRU PEN********5122 October 12, 2023  

Surviving The Times: Navigating Nigeria’s Changing Macroeconomic Landscape. Webinar by CPL.

As Nigeria’s macroeconomic landscape experiences waves of uncertainty, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to successfully navigate these challenging times. This illuminating webinar delves into Nigeria’s economic fluctuations and empowers you with actionable insights to not only survive but thrive amidst the volatility. For enquiries, please call us on 01-2714605 or […]

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